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In the pre-covid world, we were your personal concierge. A powerful travel establishment - one of the only ways you could book complicated flight and accommodation arrangements, saving you the hassle of calling the airlines and hotels yourself. We are the professionals you can trust to get it all done, saving you time to relax and enjoy the fun stuff.

The more correct term now is Travel Pro because in the post-covid world, we really are much more than flights. We are in charge of your entire experience. Acting as destination specialist, activity planner, main contact and liaison, there to assist in all regards - pre and post travel details.

Nothing replaces the value of talking to one of our Travel Pros, dedicated to trip planning exclusively for you.

Meet The Team

Adora Santiago

Mississauga, ON ...

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Andrea Hudson-Lindsay - Scarborough, ON


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BethAnn Connors

I have always loved to travel whether crossing parts of Canada by “plane, tra...

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Dominique Dupuis

Congratulations on your engagement! As a bilingual Proposal Planner, CIMM Ce...

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Jane Woodward

Join me in sharing with you a seamless, unique, unforgettable experience and...

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Niki Shakyaver

Specialties: Adventure Travel; Active Vacations; Eco-travel; Scuba Diving/Sn...

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Susan Eliuk

  Email me today! Susan@GroupTravelBySusan.com  Niches- G...

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Sherry Dieks

Destination Weddings & Events Planning Specialist - 416 802 0021 I...

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Linda Zanella

Email >> LindaZanella.traveltime@yahoo.com

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